Double trouble

I'm not very choosy when it comes to body wash. As long as it's soapy and smells good, I'm good! It's not like I'm going to leave it on my skin for more than a couple of minutes. Also if I ever get really really dirty, I might as well use detergent. Right? :P That's why I prefer NOT to spend a lot of moolah on body washes and soaps.

I thought I'd share my body-washes-of-the-moment. They're from Avon. I know I talk about Avon a lot, but what can I say - the brand offers some pretty cool stuff! The ones I review make it to my daily routine, so I make an effort to write about them and show my appreciation.

Out of the two, the Skin-So-Soft Soft & White Whitening Body Wash (P330) is my favorite. It's moisturizing enough and quite sudsy too. It smells very clean and feminine, as with all other Skin-So-Soft products. I think by now I can say that I'm a fan of this Avon line!

Too bad I already ran out after maybe three weeks of usage. I tend to use more than I usually would when it comes to this wash.

Mineral Gems Glamorous Gold Body Wash (P300) looks so exciting no? When I first saw it, I thought about that golden shimmery Jergens lotion that promised to give an instant glow. I thought that Mineral Gems could do the same thing - it had the requisite shimmer for the job. Sadly though, the shimmer washes off so you don't get any luminizing effect afterwards. It's also not as moisturizing as I would like it to be.

This body wash isn't as good as the Skin-So-Soft one, but it fulfills my requirements for a body wash pretty well. I don't really mind using this until I run out. ;)

And that's it! Are you using any new body washes or soap recently? And while we're on topic, are you picky about brands when it comes to body care? Why or why not?