March cover girls: KC Concepcion and Angel Locsin

I admit that I don't read magazines regularly. Why? Because everyday I am bombarded with beauty and fashion information from innumerable sources that when I finally get hold of a magazine, I find that a chunk of the content there isn't new to me anymore (however well-executed or well-written). It's definitely different for other people - those who confine their online activity to Facebook, chat, maybe a bit of Twitter.

That is not to say that print is dead. Magazines like Preview and Cosmo have very active online counterparts with communities that are engaged and ready to rumble. These two magazines, I think, have successfully combined print and digital to deliver up-to-the-minute, high-quality content. The thing is at the end of the day, print will always mean considerable prestige and exclusivity to anyone who's in it, so as long as there is that factor magazines will not die (among other factors of course).

So! While I don't read magazines much, I do see magazine covers on my Facebook timeline. That's why you see me posting about covers once in a while. Recently, two covers caught my eye, and here's what I think of them! Share yours too, I'm interested. ;)

First up, we have KC Concepcion for Cosmopolitan's March issue. KC looks amazing lately, especially in her last cover story for Rogue. She has a toned, fit body, and her skin is just wow! This Cosmo cover doesn't show her at her best though. Sure she's beautiful here - natural makeup, mussy hair, and perfect skin all over - but her pose! Her pose looks so awkward. 

I also wished they picked a different bikini top because the one she's wearing isn't doing her any favors.

Next up, we have Angel Locsin for Preview. I am enamoured of Angel Locsin, with her girl-next-door attitude and how she has gained weight beautifully without looking like she's ashamed about it. That said, I love this cover! It captures exactly what I feel about summer! Hazy hot sun, pastel colors, drowsy afternoons, it's all there. I'm just wondering about one thing: who wears a coat in summer? Granted it's canary yellow and Louis Vuitton, but still!

But that's just me nitpicking. I admire both Angel and KC, make no mistake. They both look great in their respective covers. This is just me rambling!

So...what do you think of the two covers? Wow, meh, wtf?