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DIY with Pinkbox laces

Remember those colorful rubber strings that were popular when we were kids? You can knot them into bracelets, necklaces, and what not. I remember they only cost P3-4 each. I wonder if they still sell that?

Anyway I was at the Pinkbox office the other day and spotted these shimmery shoe laces (P60 per pair) in a heap. My boss gave me a couple, and as soon as I got home I turned one into a braided bracelet.

If you ask me how I braided four strings into this, I wouldn't know what to say! It was pure instinct. :P

Worn with Pinkbox bangles

You can do lots of stuff with these laces - you can braid your hair with them, use them as headbands, make an elaborate brooch, and of course, use them as actual shoe laces. Haha. Verniece did a few things with them herself. Here's an example:

Cool right? Disclosure: I work with Pinkbox, but I wasn't asked or paid to write this. I just really love the idea of having laces I can play around with.

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