MAC Spring-Summer 2012 Trend Recap

I've already shared some of 2012's upcoming makeup trends, and this time, I have more! MAC Philippines recently launched their Spring-Summer 2012 Trend Recap, which features four looks that will be huge this year. We're talking iredescent, lit-from-within skin, strong eyebrows, matte/satin lips, metallic shades, and bold swatches of color in strategic areas.

Nicole Thomson, a Senior Makeup artist at MAC, flew in from Australia to demonstrate the new beauty looks to the press at Midas Hotel. 

And here are the looks to beat this year!


Gorgeous, not grittily graffiti-esque, it’s about wearing neoprene colour against plump, workout-fresh skin and an aerodynamic brow in an effortlessly chic, considered way. A move on from the aggressively hard-hitting, stamped-on brights of last summer, the new sophisticated athleticism of this season’s fuelled-up shades is about giving the face a beautiful detail rather than a fierce shock of colour. 


Palette-wise, think metallic, creamy copper, rust, terracotta and peach and sideline anything that’s traditionally flat, matte and brown-based. An element of reflection and heat is the key update to make on tan tones for SS2012.


From the romance, nature–inspired shades, sinuous shapes and sensitive colouring of Art Nouveau, to the delicate side of 1920’s glamour, the soft side of the season is all about tinting the skin with washes of colour.

Veering between the pretty and pure and something more glamorously edged, these looks are less about recreating a retro look from the past and more about reinterpreting femininity by capturing the spirit of an era. 


It’s near to naked but certainly not raw — the new complexion is about perfection that’s elite in its amplification of health and hydration: a focus on skincare and plenty of ‘pre and post production’ on base is essential.

My favorites are the Ore-Inspired and Nouv-Eau looks - must try them myself sometimes! I already have a few ideas on what to use... How about you, which look do you like best? :D