Cinema Secrets: From actors to burn victims

I see Cinema Secrets in beauty aisles all the time, but I've never purchased from them. The price is one factor but another thing that kept me away is how medieval this brand feels! It's not hip (like MAC), cute (Benefit) or aspirational (Lancome), if you know what I mean. It's Cinema Secrets and you take it or you leave it.

Branding aside, Cinema Secrets is famous for being exactly that - the secret of makeup artists for cinema and even the stage. Their products are designed to withstand the heat and effect of harsh lighting, sweat and oil, long hours, and other unpleasant side effects of being an actor in front of the camera or audience.

Cinema Secrets makeup has uses beyond the entertainment industry, however. The founder, Maurice Stein (a famous Hollywood makeup artist), seems to have a soft spot for burn survivors and cancer patients. He regularly volunteered his makeup and corrective techniques to foundations in America.

Locally, the brand was brought in by a doctor who wanted his recovering patients to try reliable corrective makeup. The company that distributes Cinema Secrets here actually works with chemicals, but decided to dabble in makeup to help people who have cosmetic medical issues.

So there you have it. :) Quiet brand, great stuff. I'm currently trying out the makeup Cinema Secrets gave me, so stay tuned for the reviews! I can say right now though - the concealer is awesome. Surprise surprise.

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