A one-on-one with GoodSkin Labs' brand endorser, Dr. Frank (plus win your own Eyliplex-2 eye cream)

After reading comments from readers day in and day out, I realized that few people actually know about proper skincare. That is, they don't know much beyond what TV advertisements tell them about their skin problems and how to solve them. Make no mistake - Filipinas are serious about skincare in the sense that they try a lot of products in their quest for healthy skin, but they're not informed enough to decide when to quit experimenting and to just see a professional.

I should know. I used to think I can solve all my skin problems myself. It was only after my visit to a derma that I realized I just can't! Now I'm not saying I have perfect skin, but it's definitely a lot better after I had it treated. The best thing to do is to go to a dermatologist and ask for advice, but other than that, read up! Here I have Dr. Frank, the brand endorser of GoodSkin Labs, answering three of my skincare questions from New York. ;)

What is the quickest way to calm red, inflammed acne at home?

Dr. Frank: To calm red, inflamed acne at home is to place a cold compress over the spots to help alleviate some of the pain. If the pain persists and the blemishes aren’t going away, visit your dermatologist to best determine how to treat.

Liz: I do this! Although I prefer a cold teasepoon. I also apply some on my eyes whenever they are super puffy in the morning.

What is the quickest way to get rid of blemishes short of chemical peels?

Dr. Frank: I recommend visiting your dermatologist to best determine the treatment best for you.

Liz: I haven't encountered any quick ways short of a procedure, but I find that treating pimples ASAP and not picking on them helps lessen the occurence of blemishes. That's common sense, really, but a lot of us still do it! So don't!

What are preventive measures to take against wrinkles at an early age?

Dr. Frank: Lead a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet, exercise, plenty of water and SPF everyday! However, no matter how much we try, aging can’t be prevented, so when you start to see the skin change and the effects of aging setting in, add anti-aging products, like GoodSkin Labs, to your skincare routine to help protect the skin.

Liz: True, true, true! Taking care of yourself is the best way to slow down aging. As you age, you also have to switch to skincare that's formulated to target your drying skin. That means heavier lotions, more concentrated serums. 

Useful right? Well I wish Dr. Frank was more specific in my first two questions, but I guess those are the best answers in the end. He can't diagnose what he can't see, after all! Okay, for the fun stuff. I'm giving away a brand new, full-sized Eyeliplex-2 eye cream (only one of the best eye creams there is ever - read my review) to whoever sends the best question to Dr. Frank!

IMG_9669 by project_vanity.

IMG_9672 by project_vanity.

Here are the mechanics:

1. Send your most interesting question for Dr. Frank via email (goodskinlabs.ph@gmail.com) with the subject: Project Vanity Q&A together with full name, age and mobile no.

2. One winner will be chosen by GSL Philippines and Liz.

3. Contest is open to Metro Manila residents only (redemption of prize will be at Estee Lauder Office – Buendia, Makati) and will run from February 27- March 4 only.

And that's it! Do join!