See you at Adamson University on March 2!

I am super duper mega excited for Friday! I will giving a beauty talk to Adamson University students as part of the Colour Collection Tour. I am just this close to bursting with all the things I want to share to the students, not only when it comes to makeup and fashion, but how to cultivate their self-confidence and hopefully go into a career they love.

It's really more of me sharing my story. I was a reclusive college kid pretty much, and now I'm in PR and marketing. Makeup plays a big role in my life beyond the fact that I write about it almost everyday. It helped me find the courage to face a future that I wasn't sure would happen to me. 

The purple bus!

Inside, girls get makeovers from CC experts

So! If you or you know anyone studying at Adamson University, please do invite them to visit the Colour Collection Tour bus! It will be visiting the school starting tomorrow, February 29 until March 2. The event culminates with my workshop - it has limited slots only to please make sure to ask the event coordinators about how to get passes. 

And that's it. Please give me a head's up if you can come, so I can look for you and say hi!!!

(Hyper right now. Two tea bags, one cup.)