Snoe Beso Balm

I need to fly out the door so I'm making this super quick! The Snoe Beso Balm (P149) is a slinky, lightweight lip balm that doesn't feel waxy at all. It's also pretty moisturizing, and doesnt dry up into flaky clumps on me.

It feels quite like my fave lip balm Aquafina, actually! It is super minty, however. It also has a sting. I've tried minty lip stuff before, but the Beso Balm is in a class of its own! Now if you're into minty lip products then this is something to try, but if you don't like that kind of thing, then skip it.

Overall it's a good lip balm, but it's not something I would call soothing (because of the very minty feel), and breath freshening (unless you eat it). What redeems it for me is the non-waxy texture and how moisturizing it is. ;)

Tried the Beso Balm yet? How was it?