Practical Cases

Can someone please explain business card etiquette to me? Some of the people I've met extend their business card carefully, with two hands and a little bow. I'm wondering if that's how it's really done. Then they leave your card on the table respectfully, as if they're considering it. As for me I simply give my card, then slip theirs in my bag after checking it out.

Whatever the accepted practice is though, I think it's important to have a stylish card case. It makes one look more professional and keeps the cards from getting all frayed swirling around a bag. Practical, in other words.

I got this case from Avon. It's actually a set that comes with a compact mirror. I like the zebra print, but I think the mirror is too small for anyone to see anything. I guess it's useful for quick peeks though, like for checking if there's parsley stuck in your teeth.

Cool stuff. One of those little somethings women need to have!