Waiting for tonight whoaa

The thing that I've spent most of my waking hours on this past three weeks is finally happening tonight. As you know I'm working with Ferretti as their PR and marketing manager. Now that I mention it, I'll be two years with the brand this March! How time flies.

But anyway. Three weeks ago Ayala asked us if we want to participate in the launch of the new Glorietta wing. There will be a huge record-breaking fashion show with a target of 2,500 models to walk the runway. This will happen along Pasay Road / Arnaiz in Makati across the new Glorietta tonight, starting 6pm.

So we thought hey, sounds great! No problem! Then: let's get bloggers! And so a complicated logistic waltz was danced. The Ferretti models (50 of them, 20 are bloggers), will be walking tonight and I am thrilled. And anxious. I will also be modeling along with some of your favorite bloggers which sounded like a good idea three weeks ago. Not today with so much work still to be done. *nervous LOL*

These are the shoes I will be wearing later:

We're requested to wear black (for shoe brands and accessories) so I plan to pair them with these Zara pants I got yesterday and an old blazer from Warehouse. I've been a little kalat lately so I haven't had the chance to properly plan my outfit...but that's fine! I just want to have fun later!

Well I have to stop rambling now because I have to start preparing my stuff. 8am call time wow. Wish us the best of luck? I'll let you know how it goes! Or you can watch it on livestream later starting 5pm.