Fairydrops Volume Burst Mascara

Here's another one of those "are you wearing falsies?" mascaras! I've had the Fairydrops Volume Burst Mascara (P950 at Beauty Bar) for a while now and I'm vvv happy with it. I use the Fairydrops Platinum variant when I want clean and enhanced lashes, while Volume Burst is what I reach for when I want full and super-curled lashes. 

I made an odd observation just the other day while I was using Fairydrops. I noticed that the formula gets goopier over time, more viscuous. That's just normal because mascaras lose moisture everytime you open the tube. But what's not normal is that the Fairydrops mascaras actually look better when they're thicker! Platinum now makes my lashes look super thick and fat (as opposed to being natural before) while still being washable. Other mascaras would just start clumping and being all crackly but not Fairydrops. Cool huh? I've been using FD for two months now.

Anyway back to Volume Burst. I love it because it holds the curl of the lashes with an iron grip ALL DAY, does not smudge or smear, and makes lashes really stand out even in photos. It's waterproof so you can't just sashay to your bathroom and soap it away - you will need a legit makeup remover to wipe it off. It's not that hard to remove, at least not as hard as Majolica Majorca's mascaras.

Close up, two coats

"Are those falsies Liz?" "I don't wear falsies hehe"

Notice the shine? It makes my lashes look healthy and plump!

As with all FD lash enhances, Volume Burst has a three-teardrop wand that makes it easy to catch even the smallest corner lashes. The difference is that it's a straight wand; Platinum has a curved one.

So which mascara should you get? Go for the Fairydrops Volume Burst Mascara if you want volumized and curled lashes that are waterproof. You should also be the type who doesn't mind spending a few more minutes come makeup removal time. Go for the Platinum if you just want enhanced lashes and an easy time of it in the wash. :)


So which type are you? Have you tried Fairydrops products yet? I happen to have the BB cream but I haven't used it as I haven't photographed it yet! I read it's great though. Would love any feedback.

Fairydrops can be found in Beauty Bar branches. They're also on Facebook.