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Being model #1,697

What is it they say? You don't look back on those nights you spent watching TV and liking stuff on Facebook. So if someone asks you to do something that sounds fun yet horribly inconvenient and unhealthy, just do it. Not all the time if you're really not the type but every once in a while is good for your sanity. These make for great stories to tell your grandchildren someday!

That said, last November 29 was epic. Ferretti and our blogger models helped break the world record for the most number of people in a catwalk! I believe 2,255 people walked that night, beating Turkey's 1,967 models at the Guiness Book of World Records. It was predictably a stressful event but everyone had their game face on. 

Murphy's Law

I was in Glorietta as early as 8:30am for the briefing and rehearsals. I limped most of the day because I stubbornly wore these new shoes that ended up giving me a centavo-sized wound on my left foot and minor ones on both feet.

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Waiting for tonight whoaa

The thing that I've spent most of my waking hours on this past three weeks is finally happening tonight. As you know I'm working with Ferretti as their PR and marketing manager. Now that I mention it, I'll be two years with the brand this March! How time flies.

But anyway. Three weeks ago Ayala asked us if we want to participate in the launch of the new Glorietta wing. There will be a huge record-breaking fashion show with a target of 2,500 models to walk the runway. This will happen along Pasay Road / Arnaiz in Makati across the new Glorietta tonight, starting 6pm.

So we thought hey, sounds great! No problem! Then: let's get bloggers! And so a complicated logistic waltz was danced. The Ferretti models (50 of them, 20 are bloggers), will be walking tonight and I am thrilled. And anxious.

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