How to deep-clean your brushes without soaping and rinsing

The other Saturday I had a bit of free time in the morning so I decided to deep clean my makeup brushes. It's a fun and therapeutic activity for me, much like listening to music. I don't think about anything else except the task at hand!  

Now usually I use baby shampoo to wash the brushes, but this time I thought of finally trying out my bottle of J&C Super Clean Solutions Makeup Brush Cleaner (P400). It's pretty neat! At first I thought it was like Parian or Cinema Secrets' brush cleaner where you spray the makeup solvent onto the brush and wipe it off. It's not for quick cleaning via sprays - it's more for a brush bath than anything else.

It's pretty effective in completely removing all traces of makeup from your tools. Well Parian/ Cinema Secrets do clean brushes well too, but they're more of a quick fix. J&C will deep clean and sanitize brushes without you having to soap and rinse them. Here's how!

You'll need a LOT of paper towels, a saucer or tiny cup, and a plastic cover for your table (optional. You just need something to cover the surface in case of spills and splatters).

For small brushes, you can just up the plastic cap of any random bottle. Fill with the solution, making sure that it won't reach the brush ferrule. It's so the glue in your brush won't weaken.

Swirl the brush around to dislodge any makeup/dirt holding on to it. 

Wipe on paper towels. Repeat the process until no pigment comes off on the tissue.

You can use a saucer for bigger brushes for the face and cheeks.

Used up!

So there you go! This is fairly easy although it could be time consuming. J&C is super effective in cleaning but you will have to rinse brushes a couple of times, more if they're harboring a lot of makeup (particularly liquid foundation). I used up almost half the bottle for all these brushes by the way, so it's not exactly economical. However take note that I cleaned 15 brushes in one go - five of them loaded face brushes. 

It's still cheaper to use dishwashing fluid/baby shampoo but if you want to do the job much faster with half the drying time, go for J&C. :) It also disinfects your brushes without ruining their softness and shape. Oh and it has such a nice spearmint scent too!

You can purchase the J&C Super Clean Solutions Makeup Brush Cleaner at Digital Traincase.

Clean brushes are <3