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How to deep-clean your brushes without soaping and rinsing

The other Saturday I had a bit of free time in the morning so I decided to deep clean my makeup brushes. It's a fun and therapeutic activity for me, much like listening to music. I don't think about anything else except the task at hand!  

Now usually I use baby shampoo to wash the brushes, but this time I thought of finally trying out my bottle of J&C Super Clean Solutions Makeup Brush Cleaner (P400). It's pretty neat! At first I thought it was like Parian or Cinema Secrets' brush cleaner where you spray the makeup solvent onto the brush and wipe it off. It's not for quick cleaning via sprays - it's more for a brush bath than anything else.

It's pretty effective in completely removing all traces of makeup from your tools. Well Parian/ Cinema Secrets do clean brushes well too, but they're more of a quick fix. J&C will deep clean and sanitize brushes without you having to soap and rinse them. Here's how!

You'll need a LOT of paper towels, a saucer or tiny cup, and a plastic cover for your table (optional. You just need something to cover the surface in case of spills and splatters).

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