How to make idiot-proof buffalo chicken wings

I'm a huge fan of those pre-mixed recipes that can be found in most supermarkets. I love cooking, but the thing is I don't usually have time to muck around perfecting a recipe from the ground up. I do it when I can but these days I rely on super quick solutions from Del Monte, Mama Sita, and McCormick.

So! Today I'm going to show you how to make idiot-proof buffalo chicken wings. All you need to do is mix and fry! And not to burn the chicken but it's not really that difficult as long as you place it over very low heat.

This isn't sponsored btw. :P I "discovered" this buffalo chicken wings mix some weeks ago and I've made many batches since then! It's delicious, although I imagine it's a bit of an acquired taste because it's not your usual chicken wings. I love it though. Has a zing to it and an undertone of flavor I can't put a name to. Anyway just try it, it's just P33 per packet.

Ok, let's start. You will need the following:

Half a kilo of chicken wings and/or chicken lollipops

Salt and pepper to flavor the chicken a little

One pack of McCormick Buffalo Wings Seasoning Mix

Cooking oil (I like to use sunflower oil)

Two tablespoons of flour

This is more like a kilo of wings. I used two McCormick packets for this.

Step 1: Rub salt and pepper on your chicken wings, let sit for about 15 minutes. You don't need to do this but I want the chicken flesh to have its own flavor.

Step 2: Pat the chicken with paper towels so they're not dripping wet. Then, coat the chicken with the seasoning mix. There's a depressingly small amount in the McCormick packet, so I like to add two to three tablespoons of flour to extend it. I want my chicken crispy and crunchy!

Step 3: Heat a generous amount of oil in a non-stick deep pot, enough to cover the chicken at least halfway. Place the chicken. Cover the pot. Turn the meat after five-seven minutes, it should look golden brown. Make sure you're on very low heat all the way!

Snaps is bummed out that the chicken is taking forever to cook

Step 4: Place the cooked chicken in a bowl. Pour the buffalo wings sauce, cover the bowl, and then shake to coat the chicken evenly. 

Pat off the excess oil before adding the sauce

And voila! Done! Your main concern really is to not burn or overcook the chicken (if you're a total noob in the kitchen) but if you're already skilled then this is just easy work. Enjoy your wings! Now I want some. :/