I'm hosting a retail event tomorrow for my client then we have a media event on Wednesday. Stress, pressure, eyebags, and a gray face - you name it, I got it. After this flurry of activity I need to plan another event again. I'm overwhelmed, surely, but I'm happy! Seriously though I need to go on a vacation real soon. A beach sounds good. Lots of sand, sun, clear water. I'd pile on sunblock and see if my dog knows how to swim (conclusively).

Anyway! Just wanted to share something I wore yesterday. I bought this dress from Unica Hija a few weeks back, my first from the brand, ever. It didn't look much in the rack but when I wore it, man, it looked fab! So I got it. 

Unica Hija dress / Wicked Drops bib / Pinkbox ring / Zara heels / Blowdry by Entice The Salon

The bejewelled collar was sent to me by Wicked Drops (thanks Andre!). Looks shala no? It's only P450 if I remember the price correctly. It's a nice accent for tops and dresses with rounded necks. Very chic.

By the way, Nicey Arafiles took these photos! I love her. We took this around 5:30 and it was getting too dark for any useful shots, but she managed to make me not look like a fashionable asuwang. :P Go get her for events and body shots like this, her rates are super reasonable. Check her portfolio here.

And that's it! Have a great weekend, you guys.