Capsule reviews: Hot from Maybelline

Hey folks! I have some new products from Maybelline that I'm excited to finally talk about. I've had them for a few weeks now and, well, color me impressed! It's been a while since I used anything from the brand so I'm surprised by how nice their stuff are now. 

Here are capsule reviews of Maybelline's latest: The Jewels by Colorsensational Lipsticks, Master Liner 24-Hr Cream Pencil, and Eye Studio Lumineyes Eyeshadow.

The Jewels by Colorsensational Lipstick (P399) is a collection of six jewel-toned lip colors in uber creamy, pigmented formulas. They're not waxy and they stay on for a loooong time given that the colors are on the dark, brilliant spectrum. They leave a nice stain too without feeling too drying!

I have Berry Brilliant and Fuchsia Crystal, two almost identical colors. The only difference is that Berry Brilliant is just a sliiiightly darker version of Fuchsia Crystal - that's about it. If you ask me, I like BB better. I'm all for dark, sultry berry shades. FC would appeal more to people who like bright n' happy fuchsia colors.

Fuchsia Crystal

Berry Brilliant 

It's hard to capture on cam, but Berry Brilliant is darker and a bit more plum than Fuchsia Crystal

Close up comparison: Fuchsia Crystal (left) and Berry Brilliant (right)

Next up is the Eye Studio Lumineyes Palette in Wine (P599). These are five eyeshadows in the lavender to purple spectrum, with a sparkly white cream eyeshadow as primer. I like the vibrant colors and how smoothly they go on the lids. They're packed and well and don't feel powdery, which is always a nice indication that the eyeshadows aren't full of extenders.

The eyeshadows are packaged in a tiny, groovy case which looks cute. My only gripe is that the strips are so tiny that I find it difficult to get the eyeshadows onto my brush or finger. The darkest color on top is too small. I hope Maybelline reconsiders the packaging for this palette, otherwise the formula is nice! Just don't rely on the primer to be an actual primer. I think it's better on top of the eyeshadows as a final dazzling finish.

And here I have the Master Liner 24-Hr Cream Pencil in WH-1 (P359). This automatic liner is super pigmented and long-lasting, as promised. The shade I have, WH-1, is a nice waterline liner to make the eyes look wider and more awake. It sticks there even though I get teary-eyed a lot. That's an achievement! Even Make Up For Ever pencils don't stay on my waterline! 

The white is quite opaque and intense (for a white). It's matte, too. It stays a good 4-5 hours on my waterline before fading completely.

Here I am wearing the eyeshadow palette and Berry Brilliant lipstick. They're awesome together, and I think very flattering on Pinay skin. Jewel shades always look good on yellow-medium to dark skintones. ;)

And that's it. :) Hope you enjoyed my mini-review, and do tell me what you think of the new products!