Cool find: Uniqlo Body Shaper

I was at the Mall of Asia last Sunday with my mom. I dragged her to Uniqlo to check out the perpetual sale going on there (not that I'm complaining), and that's where I found this beauty!

It's only P390 at the current sale price and I love it. It's super comfy as a body shaper, not too restricting and hot, plus it doubles as shorts for days when I'm wearing short dresses. Did I say it was only P390? A similar thing from Bench would cost as much sans the nicer fabric.

I also really appreciate that there's an attendant standing by just to help you choose the right size. She approached me with a smile and asked if I wanted to be measured. There were TONS of people inside the store last Sunday, but it's nice that there's always someone standing by per station to help you out with anything. They're so cheerful and warm! 

Maybe that's why even though Uniqlo is a fairly low-end brand (even here because of pricing), I feel it's high-end. Interiors are classy, service is great, and the overall branding is flawless.

Anyway, back to the body shaper! I like the lace garter although I'm worried it might slip when I move too much. Hm. There's another version of this body shaper with a tighter garter - perhaps I should get that next time!

Another thing to note is that this does NOT have the hold of the more expensive body shapers. It's looser, helps tuck in some flabs, but it's not that tight. I actually like that because on normal days I just need minimal control. I suggest, if you really want a drastic difference, go for Spanx, Inches Off, or Wacoal.


I also threw in a pink knit sweater just because. It was on sale from P990 to P790 - not bad! I should check out Uniqlo more often, instead of going to Forever 21 and buying one-time dresses. :P