Show and tell

I haven't been posting my outfits lately for the simple reason that I don't have any photos of them. -_- I'm usually rushing out, but that excuse aside, I also don't have anyone to take photos of me. So here's what I'm going to do: I will just share some of the new stuff I bought or got in the mail. I've been on a mission to update my wardrobe lately, and here are some of the things I carted!

This is my favorite find. It's a jacket from Apple & Eve (P1,500)! I forget what this type of jacket is called, but I've been looking for something like this for some time. I love that it's light, perfect for our weather, and it fits me so well! Can't wait to wear it out.

This sequined top I got from Forever 21 (P1,000+). It's so subtly glam, I think. I love shopping at Forever 21 okay but I hate some of the tacky things that can be found there. This top is not one of them! At least I think so, hehe.

I found this sleeveless parka in the SM Teens Wear section yesterday (Mall of Asia). It's only P549! Crazy! I love the fit, it's quite slimming.

I love this dress from Unica Hija (P1,299)! It has a detachable peplum belt. Again, it's quite slimming, and perfect for my top-heavy body type. Shift dresses are the best!

Cute sandals from SM. They're only P349. They look and feel flimsy but I just like the style.

New makeup! Some cute online stores sent these to me for review. My favorite would have to be the Stila palette (awesome for fall) and the Fairydrops mascara (washable, yay). 

And that's it. Hope you enjoyed my little show and tell!