Sebago Felucca Lace in Denim Blue

I promised I'd show you what I took home from Sebago, and here it is! It's rather predictable of me really, but I fell in love with the Felucca Lace design (P3,999) when I saw it on the shop window waaay before Sebago invited me to drop by. I really wanted to get the Yellow one, but unfortunately their smallest available size, 6, is rather large on me. So I got the Denim Blue version in size 5.

I regretted it at first. Size five felt too small; it was an effort to walk in them. However, I knew that Sebago shoes loosened and softened over time (they're 100% leather), so I just broke them in by walking short distances before finally wearing them out. Now they're super comfortable and hug my feet nicely!

Did I ever tell you why Sebago boat shoes are awesome? Once I went out on a stormy day wearing my Docksides. The streets were flooded as I walked to Robinsons Galleria so my feet and shoes were soaked like mad! I was so worried that the leather will be ruined!

As I walked around the mall though, I noticed that the water drained out quickly from the shoes so there was no squishiness. Within ten minutes the inside already felt dry; by 30 minutes, the shoes were almost dry. And the leather didn't get ruined because they're boat shoes and, well, designed to get wet. ;) The Sebago sales people advised me to clean it by rinsing it in soapy water. Works like a charm.

If you ever catch me on casual days, I'll probably be wearing these.

Tried Sebago yet? How did you find it? In any case, do follow Sebago Philippines on Facebook for updates!