Colour Collection Mineral Cosmetics + New Age-defying BB Cream

At last, something new from one of my favorite brands, Colour Collection! I know some folks have been having trouble tracking down a Tupperware dealer in search of their excellent Color Intense Lipsticks, but I tell you, it's worth it. And now there's something else to pine after with the release of the Mineral Cosmetics Line and Age-defying BB Cream.

First off, I doubt that the makeup is actually 100% mineral - BUT there are no parabens or fragrance involved in the making of this line, and they also threw in some soothing ingredients like aloe vera, green tea, shea butter, and jojoba oil. The lipsticks are mostly made of oils, waxes, pigments, and silicates, so they can pass off as mineral makeup.

The powder makeup is mostly mica, talc, zinc, pigments, and chemical binders. So not entirely mineral makeup but they do have less irritants than the usual makeup. IMHO, that's a good job already because so many companies who got into the mineral makeup bandwagon are FAR from actually being MMU.

On to the collection!

They released five new shades of Mineral Lipsticks with SPF15: Plumberry, Creamy Coral, Satin Shell, Brick Rose, Smooth Wine. They're all pigmented and delightully loud!

The Mineral Bush On Duo in Natural Blush is SUPER PIGMENTED. As in, NARS-level pigmentation. Nonetheless, it goes on smoothly without streaks.

The Mineral Eyeshadow Quad in Luminous Gems also has great pigmentation and a pretty russet color selection. I'm kind of jaded with the usual browns and pinks that quads offer, so a rusty color story is something I look forward to wearing.

The Mineral Powder Foundation SPF15 is a silky foundation that comes in two shades: Natural and Fair. I'm afraid there are no shades for morenas, as Natural (darkest) is best for medium skin and no darker.

The Colour Collection coQ10 Age-defying BB Cream is a nice improvement from CC's last one, the Gluta-White BB Cream. It's less dry so it's easier to spread, plus it offers a better shade match (to my medium skin tone, at least). Oh, it also has SPF45!

And that's it. I just got these last week so I haven't really had the opportunity to use them (am reviewing so many other things!) but I'll let you know once I've developed a more detailed opinion about these products. 

What are you interested to try? 

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