Neat finds: Tony Moly Simply Style Makeup Eraser

I've been applying makeup on myself for years now. It's all routine so I don't make many mistakes when putting on tricky products like eyeliner, mascara, and heavily pigmented lipsticks. Still, I do get shaky hands or I rush the whole process sometimes, which inevitably lead me to uneven application! Does this happen to you?

To correct makeup mistakes, I dip a cotton bud in either foundation, concealer, or makeup remover (I love the Clinique Take the Day Off for this purpose) and try to erase the errant makeup. It's a neat trick but the problem with using a cotton bud is that it's not precise; I tend to remove more product than I actually intended. Also, this is ridiculous, but I'm too lazy to do the cotton bud routine. That's why I just usually use a finger to even out lipstick or remove mascara from my lid - again, messy!

So yeah, I felt like a total barbarian when I got hold of Tony Moly's Simply Style Makeup Eraser (P398). It's the first time I've ever tried something like it! 

How it works. The rounded yet slightly pointed felt-tip marker is damp with a thin, oil-based makeup remover, which means that you can apply it directly on the messed-up makeup without having to use a clicking mechanism or a separate product. I love that the marker has just the right amount of makeup remover; not too much as to smear all over the area of your skin you're using it on, but not to little that you need to rub to take out the makeup.

What it's for. The Tony Moly Simply Style Makeup Eraser is designed to remove or correct makeup mistakes in small areas like around the eyes and mouth. You can use it on eyeliner, mascara, or lipstick (eyeshadow too, but I won't recommend it because eyeshadow can be better corrected by blending or removing the entire thing).

For example, if you apply super red lipstick and go beyond the line of your lips, you can use this pen to smooth out the lipstick. You can also use this when mascara gets on your lids or if one eyeliner is thicker than the other side.

Pencil eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, mascara

One swipe of the Makeup Eraser

Do you need this product? Yes, if you're the sort who makes a lot of makeup mistakes and need something to correct it precisely and with zero hassle. I would recommend this for newbies who are just learning to apply makeup since they are more prone to mistakes. I also think advanced and professional makeup mavens will find this useful because it's practical and face it, it's just cool to have!

Verdict. I find the Tony Moly Simply Style Makeup Eraser a very useful addition to my kit. This is my go-to product for makeup correction now! I wouldn't call it an absolute must-have though; it's nice to have, but it isn't something I can't live without.