Tony Moly Berry Lovely Girl Petit Powder

I can pretty much say with conviction that the quality of Tony Moly products is uniformly good. It won't blow your mind away like the more expensive brands, but for the affordable price Tony Moly surprisingly has nice products. The more I get to know this brand, the more I like it! There's so much more to it than just the cute packaging.

This time, I'll be talking about the Tony Moly Berry Lovely Girl Petit Powder (P348). It's a silky, well-milled translucent powder that's great for setting your cream or liquid makeup. It especially goes well with the Tony Moly Baby Doll BB Foundation.

Texture. The Berry Lovely Girl Petit Powder feels silky and soft, quite unlike the other powders in its price range. It's a lavender white when you see it, but it blends in smoothly if you use a fluffy powder brush.

Finish. I know the powder looks quite daunting since it's sooo light, but it becomes translucent once you spread it around. Don't layer too much though or it'll start looking its actual shade. It goes on matte with a really smooth finish.

Used with the BB Doll Foundation

Lasting power. Unfortunately, lasting power isn't that phenomenal. I give it three hours before it starts fading. You'll also find that it doesn't control oil very well. You'll have to use blotting paper, or retouch.

Packaging. The petite jar is nice to take along, and it does come with a useful powder puff for retouching. However, since it's in loose powder form, don't expect a neat re-application session in the comfort room. This powder actually comes in compact form (same price) so I suggest you get that if you intend to use this as a retouch powder. Get the jar if you only intend to use this at home to set your makeup. 

Skin friendly. I find that I'm hiyang with Tony Moly products. This didn't break me out at all!

Recommendations. If you have normal skin, get this! The finish is quite nice for the price. Use this with the BB Doll Foundation to get a beautiful effect; they work so well together since the latter helps control oil anyway.

Verdict. I like it because it sets makeup beautifully, although I wish it offers better oil control. Anyway, it's a pretty nice alternative to the more expensive Majolica Majorca Pressed Pore Cover Powder! Try this if you're on a budget, the texture is actually similar.

Let me know if you've tried this, or if this looks like something you'll get for yourself!