Havaianas Slim Kokeshi in Grey Silver

When I was in high school and college, you can bet good money that you won't catch me wearing flip flops outside. It was a principle thing. I considered the flip flop as a fashion faux pas when worn to somewhere else other than the house, palengke, or beach/resort. I didn't understand why girls insisted on wearing these rubber slabs to everywhere thinking it's cool.

Well, now I'm a little older and (I guess) wiser, so I've learned the value of this thing called compromise. Rubber slippers are quite comfy so they're my default choices for running errands like going to the bank or doing a grocery run. They're also perfect for a lazy stroll in the mall, just window shopping.

Sooo...I'd like you to meet my first ever pair of Havaianas! I know, I'm late. Very late. But the brand generously gifted me with one of the styles from their newest line called Slim Dolls. It features two traditional dolls from Russia and Japan - the Matryoshka (symbolizing health and family) and Kokeshi (for good luck and happiness). I got the Slim Kokeshi in Grey Silver (P1,495).

What I like most about this pair of Havs is the small charm of the kokeshi doll in quiet repose. It's shallow, but I smile whenever I happen to glance at it as it catches the light. I also like that the flip flops seem to be sturdily made. I used to argue before that one shouldn't spend more than P300 for a pair of flip flops, but after a few years of using a high-quality and expensive brand, I realized that the thousand-buck pair is more reliable in the long run.

Don't get me wrong though, I still think flip flops should not be worn everywhere nor can they be considered a fashion statement. They're just not. They're cute, convenient, and a nice break for your abused feet, but that's about it. :P That's just me though!

Anyway, to view the rest of the Havaianas Slim Dolls collection, check out this gallery from FemaleNetwork.