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Havaianas Slim Kokeshi in Grey Silver

When I was in high school and college, you can bet good money that you won't catch me wearing flip flops outside. It was a principle thing. I considered the flip flop as a fashion faux pas when worn to somewhere else other than the house, palengke, or beach/resort. I didn't understand why girls insisted on wearing these rubber slabs to everywhere thinking it's cool.

Well, now I'm a little older and (I guess) wiser, so I've learned the value of this thing called compromise. Rubber slippers are quite comfy so they're my default choices for running errands like going to the bank or doing a grocery run. They're also perfect for a lazy stroll in the mall, just window shopping.

Sooo...I'd like you to meet my first ever pair of Havaianas! I know, I'm late. Very late. But the brand generously gifted me with one of the styles from their newest line called Slim Dolls. It features two traditional dolls from Russia and Japan - the Matryoshka (symbolizing health and family) and Kokeshi (for good luck and happiness). I got the Slim Kokeshi in Grey Silver (P1,495).

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Ipanema Gisele Bündchen Hot Sands Collection

My oldest pair of Ipanema flipflops were from waaay back in 2009. I don't use them anymore mainly because they're at my mom's house (I keep forgetting to bring them here), but I'm happy to report that they're as good as new! The print has faded a bit, but the rubber isn't worn down or scuffed. They're quite sturdy and comfortable, to boot.

My current house slippers are Ipanema as well. The thick rubber feels so soft on my feet, and yes, they're also as good as new since I got them last year. They have lived through many out-of-town and mall trips!

My other pretty Ipanema flip flops

All my Ipanemas are well-worn yet they've withstood time in terms of quality and trendiness. I used to think that paying more than P1,500 for a pair of flipflops is ridiculous, but after two years of wearing this brand, I can confidently say that it's definitely worth it. They don't get outdated, they're comfy and sturdy at the same time.

Anyway, I'd just like to share Ipanema's new summer collection with you. It's called the Gisele Bündchen Hot Sands Collection. It was launched via a fashion show held at the SM Prestige Lounge, SM Megamall, featuring young models wearing Coco Cabaña’s swim wear creations complemented by colorful flipflops.

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