Paul & Joe Eye Color in Picnic (004)

You are not required to wear bright, cheery colors during summer - but wouldn't it feel so much better if you do? More colorful outfits or makeup just feels so right for the season. It's the time of the year (at least here in the Philippines) when trees are in full bloom and families congregate in their favorite summer destinations. The mood is generally happy and relaxed, so colors are just a natural response to the season.

I've been wearing a lot of neutrals in the past few months but now that summer is here I try to wear colorful eyeshadows and lipsticks again. I find that I am quite attracted to green right now, so I bought green shoes, had my nails done in green, and got a mint belt. It's only natural that I'm taken with green eyeshadows this time.

Thus, this Paul & Joe Eye Color in Picnic (004) from their Parasol Collection is my eyeshadow-of-the-moment!

What I love about this product

  • The green and combination is quite wearable. It has an iridescent finish, which makes the eyes pop beautifully as the sun hits the lids. Very flattering on the skin!
  • Lovely Paul & Joe packaging, as always. 

  • They included a mirror in the compact which makes application easier if you're on-the-go. This is the kind of eyeshadow you can apply with your fingers for better pigmentation and staying power. They're not fussy colors so you don't need to blend a lot. It's the kind of eyeshadow that's perfect for traveling.
  • You get 2.3 grams of product in the pan. That's a lot more than the average.

Green and gold

Gold combined with a brown Paul & Joe eyeshadow

The rest of the Parasol Collection eyeshadow duos. Which one is your fave?

What I don't like about the product

  • You can't use this without a base. It's pigmented, but since the texture is gritty due to the shimmer flecks, it needs something to stick on. Without a base, this eyeshadow will crease and fade quickly. This doesn't bother me so much though since I always use a base whenever I wear eyeshadow.


  • A bit pricey at more than P1,000. However, for the amount you get, you're bound to use it until you get tired of it!



The main strength of the Paul & Joe Eye Color in 004 lies in its beautiful packaging and shade. I daresay that it's quite unique, and since the Parasol Collection is limited edition, you can be sure that you're one of the very few who has it.

Don't forget to always wear a primer to ensure the lasting power of this particular eyeshadow duo. 


It's green and it's summer! I wear this particular combination a lot lately. I love how it has this wet effect on my eyes, like I applied liquid color. :D A pink or coral lip is my fave pairing with this particular duo!

With my other Paul & Joe powder duo, also limited edition

Sisters! :D