I went to a couple of events yesterday - Estee Lauder's launch of their reformulated CyberWhite Brilliant Cells skincare line and Paul & Joe's annual Birthday Bash (they've turned 4). I really enjoyed both events since they were quick and straightforward! I'm not fond of fussy events. When I know the event will have a long program and a lot of people, I rarely go anymore. That is, unless I know it's a hot topic or if I personally know the PR/brand manager.

Anyhoo, I just want to share what I wore:

This airy linen tunic is from my online store, Flair For Drama. Speaking of, I have a lot of summery pieces at the site! Here are some of my favorites:

FLAIR FOR DRAMA - Dresses - Rose Brier [P450]

Rose Brier, P450. Romantic, indulgent, exotic.

FLAIR FOR DRAMA - Dresses - Isolde [P400]

Isolde, P400. A very delicate baby pink embroidered dress.

FLAIR FOR DRAMA - Separates - Quiet Footsteps [P300]

Quiet Footsteps, P300. A mauve maxi that looks good with this season's bright colors.

FLAIR FOR DRAMA - Dresses - Light Of Mind [P400]

Light of Mind, P400Teal is such a refreshing color on the eyes, don't you think?

Please visit, and do let me know what you think. You can email me if you want to be part of the store's mailing list, or you can also Like Flair For Drama on Facebook so you'll never miss an update!