What I think about the Pond's Flawless White Blogger Contest

The first skincare product I EVER reviewed was the Pond's White Beauty cream. That was in 2008! I loved it, and I used it for two years until I switched to the Flawless White variant (more potent and slightly more expensive than White Beauty, but almost the same thing). I switched moisturizers again - I found awesome, expensive ones in the course of trying out so many things for this blog - but at the back of my head I sometimes wonder if they're better than my first love, Pond's.

Best skin ever with Pond's: A few pounds lighter, two years younger

I encourage you to click the links above because they document my long-time affair with Pond's, and maybe you'll also understand why I work with the brand. :) If you read beauty blogs, I'm sure you've already seen that there is a Pond's Flawless White Blogger Contest where bloggers and their friends document their 14-day experience using the Flawless White line exclusively.

It's a contest with a prize, so of course everyone wants to win. I think that fact may make you think that the point of the contest is undermined. You may think that our "reviews" are already compromised because of the campaign. There's a high probability that you'll be reading raves for Flawless White from all the contestants, and it may also be difficult to believe 100%.

As a beauty blogger, the only thing I can really be proud of is credibility - not traffic, not Facebook likes, not the freebies (I'm sure the same can be said about other beauty bloggers out there. You know who you are!). When I first started blogging three years ago, I took that lightly. But at this point I simply can't endorse brands I can't stick my neck out for. Why? I respect you as a reader, and I know you read blogs because you want to be an educated consumer. Walang bastusan, as they say.

I joined the Flawless White contest with my friend, Tanya, because I loved the line even before Pond's partnered with this blog. It's well-documented. To add to the documentation, Tanya will be giving her 100% honest opinion on using the line for 14 days. Here's her first post with photos of her skin issues.

I actually admire Pond's for sticking its neck out in this contest. No other company has done this before (as far as I know), and with us bloggers who have our credibility to protect too. So many things can go wrong! But I'm happy that all is going well. You'll read a lot of raves because frankly, the Flawless White line is rave-worthy.

So if you liked our first entry, I hope that you can like our profile page and help Tanya win her makeover! She's an Ateneo law student, so she seriously needs a break. :P As for me, I'm not so much interested in winning, as in how the documentation goes.

Stay tuned for the next post, and don't forget to vote and share our page to your friends on Facebook!

PS Incidentally, I'm giving away the Pond's Flawless White Deep Whitening Facial Foam, Blemish Prevention UV Cream, and White Beauty Pore Conditioning Toner to the commenter of the month. Details here!