Be the commenter of the month and get a gift

Trivia: Project Vanity has received 3,395 comments since it went live last year. I don't get to reply to every comment (I try though) but I read each one and I do appreciate them. I don't really earn anything significant from blogging - sometimes it's grueling, sometimes I even wonder why I keep pouring so much time on this. But when I get a comment saying this small project of mine is useful to someone, it's all worth the work.

To thank Project Vanity followers, I run contests (check out the current one for Inches Off shapewear) but winning contests are too chancy. So, I thought of setting aside a personal thank you gift to readers who follow this website regularly.

The mechanics are really simple. Every month, I'll pick a comment I like. It can be a useful comment, such as sharing feedback about a product I reviewed. It can be a "thank you" comment, or maybe a really good question (I love good questions). A big factor would be the frequency of the reader's comments. Does she always visit? Does she read through the site?

Like I said, this isn't a contest nor a competition. I just honestly want to thank readers who follow this blog. You know who you are!

So just do your thing. ;) For the month of March, here's my small thank you gift. Nothing major, just really a token of appreciation!

I'm giving away the Pond's Flawless White Deep Whitening Facial Foam, Blemish Prevention UV Cream, and White Beauty Pore Conditioning Toner to the commenter of the month. :) I'll announce who she is on April 15.

Comment away!