MAC's Black Swan makeup done with Bobbi Brown products!

Today I hung out with Ina Casas, Bobbi Brown's newly promoted Marketing Executive (congrats!). This girl is so fierce! I love all her outfits, plus she's a serious makeup enthusiast. This is a photo of her during last year's Preview Ball:

Panalo! Anyway, while we were chatting today, I told her that I was really impressed with the Black Swan look she posted on Facebook. It was done by Owen Sarmiento, one of MAC's resident makeup artists, for Estee Lauder's Christmas costume party. The look was exclusively designed by MAC for Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis's movie.

Natalie Portman

Ina Casas! Minus the white, mask-like skin and gray pallor of the original

I love! But I'll tell you what the real clincher is: the whole look was created only with Bobbi Brown products. Hard to believe eh? Bobbi Brown is usually associated with conservative makeup featuring mainly browns and pinks. Believe it or not though, Bobbi Brown has products that can create glam looks like these. It's primarily everyday makeup for women looking to be better versions of themselves, but more than that, it's makeup for pro artists, too.

Of course, I have to give due appreciation to Owen Sarmiento's talent. It's no mean feat to reproduce such a challenging look! I think I'm meeting him in a couple of weeks so yeah, I'll probably gush like a fan girl.


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