A package from Pond's + new Clear Balance facial washes

The other day, a package arrived from Pond's. One of its contents was a gold box:

With a note:


And a lovely necklace.

Thank you, Pond's! The necklace also came with a set of Gold Radiance. <3 You can avail of the same necklace until January 31 if you buy P1,000 worth of Gold Radiance products.

I also want to share some information about Pond's latest facial washes called the Clear Balance line. They're quite interesting since they promise to target our biggest skin problems: pores, acne, blackheads, and oiliness!

Pond's Clear Balance selections: No Blackheads, Clear Solutions, Smooth Pores, and Oil Control

These are specially formulated with what the brand terms as "the power of clay". There are different types such as volcanic, herbal, glacial, and mineral clay in the ingredients that is supposed to deeply cleanse and disinfect the skin.

Tried any of these? What do you think?