Capture your life with a Canon EOS 600D Kit from East West Bank

I’m thinking of getting a new camera lately. The one I’m using now is an oooooold, old model that’s about five years old! It does take good photos though, no? My beauty blog wouldn’t be anything without such a trusty and amazing gadget.

It has served me well in the past half decade by taking memorable snapshots that would have otherwise been forgotten. What with everything in our lives happening so fast these days, it’s really important to document each and every special moment as they come!

On my way to Baguio, chillin’ in the back of a car

It’s even more rewarding now that you get to share your life to your loved ones with the click of a button. Facebook, Twitter, and blogs are just some of the means to instantly let everyone in your circle know about your day-to-day experiences. 

So, what better way is there to share your moments than with a Canon EOS 600D Kit which East West Bank will raffle off for the month of December?

It's super easy to win! You can earn raffle entries just by banking with EastWest Bank. The promo covers several accounts and transactions like Savings or Checking Accounts in Peso or Dollar, Credit & Debit card transactions, Internet Banking Bills Pay transactions, consumer loans (Personal, Auto & Mortgage), Unit Investment Trust Funds, purchase of Peso or US Dollar bonds and  Special Deposit Accounts.

It’s super easy to win. 

Current depositors also earn entries but must update their customer info in their depository bank. You can get the full mechanics here!


Note: Existing card holders must hold a current status with no past due obligation

          Must update their customer info with the bank at least 1 week before draw date

         New card activation*: earn 4 entries for both principal & supplementary card holder    *Platinum virtual card activation is excluded


Good luck to everyone joining! This is such a cool prize I wouldn’t mind having for myself. ;)


This is a sponsored post.