Local beauty and fashion blogs I love to read

I'm a voracious blog reader. Personally, I enjoy reading honest-to-goodness writing and lovely photos. Professionally, I need to listen to the pulse of the industry. That's why I'm happy that there are so many new beauty and fashion blogs that cropped up this year! They introduced me to more individuals with interesting styles and points of view.

Photo from Paul

Aside from following popular beauty and fashion bloggers (like Nikki, Sophie, Shen, Jill, Laureen, Camille, and such), I also like to browse through every blog in the niche that I can find. There are other bloggers, however, whose updates I really look forward to reading. I like how they talk, mostly. :)

Bless My Bag. Gorgeous photos, writing, and blogger. Julia is now working as a professional makeup artist, which I really admire! If you don't follow her blog yet, you MUST.

Anartechoke. Ae looks like a model, but she's actually an architect. Her makeup musings and looks are practical and straight-to-the-point, but she has a quiet glamour about her. I know because I met her once. Love.

Coffee and Lipstick. This is the blog of Vicky Tensuan, the Editor-In-Chief of BLUSH Magazine (the only local magazine, I think, that is devoted to makeup, skincare, the like). Like the magazine, Vicky's blog offers incredibly useful tips and advice on anything beauty-related. Hope she blogs more often!

This Jane Is Vain. Krsyty is as honest as honest gets when it comes to reviewing beauty products. I love her wry, I-take-no-bullshit tone of voice. If you're more into skincare, Krysty can walk you through her best finds.

I Play The Villain. I like Sara as a person (met her a few times) and as a blogger. You'll remember that she has written a few guest posts here on Project Vanity - enjoyed working with her!

The Picky Dresser. As much as I love looking at attention-grabbing outfits by celeb fashion bloggers, at the end of the day I won't be wearing any of them. Too crazy. Not my style. But Nikki's outfits are just the thing to wear if, like me, you're a working woman who needs an appropriate yet far from boring look!

Paul The PR Guy. Paul heads a media/ PR agency, but that doesn't stop him from dressing up whenever he gets the chance! He's the only local straight male blogger whose style I appreciate. If I were a dude, I will most probably dress like him.

And that's it. Which beauty/fashion blogs do YOU love to read? Do you have one? Leave a link, would love to take a look at it!

*Photos grabbed from their respective blogs!