Tip: Natural lip scrub

The Clinique Party last Saturday was a blast! United by a mutual love for Clinique, bloggers and their guests got to hang out over makeovers and dinner. I'll talk more about it soon, but for now I want to share a cool tip I got from a makeup artist, Ms. Tricia Marquez-Roxas, who did the makeovers at the counter.

Mina, my date to the party, and Tricia

I was watching Tricia do Mina's face when I noticed this sponge in her kit. I wasn't sure what it was for exactly - could be foundation or just for blending - but I thought this type of holey sponge is an odd choice for those purposes. So I asked her.

It's what she uses as a lip scrub! She said that the whole look doesn't come out right if the client has dry lips under the lipstick. I totally agree with that. I mean, you work so hard on a flawless face, perfectly contoured and highlighted eyes, great lipstick, but it all falls apart if your lips look like a flaky mess. So the MUA buys these face sponges at Beauty Bar, cuts it up, and uses it to scrape off the dry skin from her clients' lips.

Simple idea, but genius. Hygeinic too. ;) You can use this sponge with water or lip balm if you don't have water on hand.