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Here's a three-step skincare routine - this time for your lips!

When it comes to beauty products, it’s lipstick that always makes me go weak in the knees. I had a phase of obsessing over 70s pale nude matte lips a la Anna Karina in Une Femme est une Femme. I’ve tried to recreate Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s dark glossy lips moment. I double take whenever I spot a lip in bright tangerines, Peggy Carter reds, and anything rosey, regardless of color nuance or finish.

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Tip: Natural lip scrub

The Clinique Party last Saturday was a blast! United by a mutual love for Clinique, bloggers and their guests got to hang out over makeovers and dinner. I'll talk more about it soon, but for now I want to share a cool tip I got from a makeup artist who did the makeovers at the counter.

Mina, my date to the party, and the makeup artist (didn't catch her name, dang it!)

I was watching the MUA do Mina's face when I noticed this sponge in her kit. I wasn't sure what it was for exactly - could be foundation or just for blending - but I thought this type of holey sponge is an odd choice for those purposes. So I asked her.

It's what she uses as a lip scrub! She said that the whole look doesn't come out right if the client has dry lips under the lipstick. I totally agree with that.

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