Little boxes made of ticky tacky

I like, nay, LOVE boxes. It's a good thing that my line of work ensures that I recieve boxes regularly. Wait, that can be a bad thing. I don't know. It doesn't matter!

Ok, before I start babbling endlessly I just want to share some of my new boxes and how I've recycled them.

I recieved this vintagey box from the Belo team (thanks Denise!). It's actually the same box that Ferretti in Glorietta uses to house accessories! It's cute and it's roomy. I decided to use it for storing products I have yet to review since it's easier to keep track of them this way.

This box I got from L'Oreal. Their new foundation came in it, so thoughtful. :P It's a jewelry box, so I decided to use it for that purpose. It now houses my humble collection of rings and earrings.

Lastly, there's this box from Parfois. Their shades come in these gorgeous containers! I just realized that it can actually pass for a clutch bag...hmmmm. In the meantime I'm using it to store my bracelets. 

So tell me, how do you recycle boxes?