Yosi Samra: First aid for your feet

Last Thursday was an extra busy day for me. I speedwalked between Greenbelt to Glorietta for four different meetings all spaced an hour apart! I was thinking of wearing flats, but since the meetings require me to be presentable, I had to wear high heels. Call it vanity but I call it survival. Lol. Good thing I had a magic pouch with me.

Yup, foldable flats! These are from Yosi Samra, an international brand that just recently landed in the Philippines. Celebs like Anne Hathaway, Hayden Panettiere, Nicole Scherzinger, Carmen Electra and the uber-stylish Sarah Jessica Parker, have all been spotted wearing a pair.

I know that there are other similar brands out there (cheaper, too) but Yosi Samra probably has the sturdiest folding fats around. The materials look like they're of good quality plus the stitches are fine and strong.  

Yosi Samra developed his own eponymous brand of foldable ballet flats in 2009. Descendant from a long line of shoemakers, Yosi Samra’s collection of high quality flats are comfortable, portable and most of all, affordable! The ideal counter balance to killer heels, Yosi Samra’s are flexible enough to fold up into a handbag yet sturdy enough to stroll the mean streets. 

I like the thick soles with the print - you won't slip in these, plus the soles act as cushions for your feet. I also like how the materials hug the foot so that they never scrape.

Probably the best thing about these shoes though is how they fold neatly into the pouch, which in turn fits in a normal-sized shoulder bag.

This design is called Large Snakeskin in Brown (P3,295)

Overall, I love everything about Yosi Samra! Well, except the price. The cheapest pair costs P2,500 and can go up to P3,700. That's quite a sum to pay for flats, but if you're looking for something that will stay with you for years as you wear your killer heels, then Yosi Samra is a good investment.

Before I go, check out the other designs! They have more than 50, wow. I'm sure there's something you'll like since the shoes come in gorgeous colors and materials.

Animal Collection - this is my favorite!

Patent Collection

Metallic Collection

Yosi Samra is exclusively distributed by Green Tee Inc. at the following locations: GAS, Greenbelt 3 and Trinoma Mall.