Red for fall

It seems that I've been wearing some form of red in the past few weeks. It could be a lipstick, dress, shoes, and now recently, a skirt. It was unconscious but I do believe that red is my Color of the Moment!

Here's what I wore to the Human Nature event at 7th High last Friday. I should've put on something more "clubby" but I was in a major rush that evening because I thought the event was slated to start at 6pm. It started 5pm. Got there 7pm, so.

Thrifted shirt | Forever 21 bandage skirt | Tonic shoes | Tiangge satchel |

SM necklace | Parfois bangle

Nail polish: NYX Girls in pacific from Digital Traincase

I only have a quick post since I have a godawful number of things to do today, and besides, I haven't taken photos of the new products yet! So stay tuned for that tomorrow. :D