Estee Lauder Time Zone Night Anti-Line/Wrinkle Creme

I am currently using Estee Lauder's latest moisturizer called Time Zone Night Anti-Line/Wrinkle Creme. It's so good, I want to use it during the day! It's the first heavy cream moisturizer that my skin enjoys. There's none of that greasy feel I just can't stand in other brands. And believe me, I have tried quite a few cream moisturizers.

This age-defying moisturizer works overnight to help dramatically reduce the look of lines and wrinkles. Our exclusive Sirtuin EX1 Technology helps reverse the appearance of aging for a years-younger look-more lineless, radiant and rested.

Helps support skin's nightly restorative actions including natural collagen production with an amino acid complex. And while you sleep, the soothing scent calms and relaxes. 

I am way too young to need help in the wrinkle department, but I like it mainly for its moisturizing and soothing properties. I highly recommend this for mature or maturing skin because this product is designed with repair during nighttime in mind.

Cap keeps the product sealed and fresh when not in use

Oh, did I mention the scent? It's lovely! It's floral with woody base notes that's just perfect for a relaxing sleep. Don't worry, it's not heavily scented (not good for a skincare product) - it has just enough scent to linger while you go to sleep.

Let me leave you with some sleep fun facts, courtesy of EL!

▪  Sleep is when the body produces more proteins, which are the cell's building blocks. Enhanced protein production ensures proper rejuvenation and revamping of the tissues and cells, which in turn provides vital regeneration and repair to the skin.

▪  Sleep is important for concentration, memory formation and the repair of damage to your body’s cells during the day. Chronic lack of sleep increases the risk for developing obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and infections.

▪  Excess of stress hormones caused by the lack of sleep might slow the collagen production in the skin.  

▪  Lack of sleep may alter the regulation of blood vessel tone, and thus contribute to puffiness or bags under the eyes.

▪  All stages of sleep are responsible for dissolving free radicals - notorious for their contribution to early aging.  

▪  Tissue repair also occurs during sleep, including repair to the daily skin damage done by UV light. Getting enough deep sleep will help your skin repair itself. 

▪  Body temperature, contrary to the common belief, is not uniformly 98.6°F.  For healthy young adults who sleep at night, body temperature usually is lowest around 4 to 5 a.m.

▪  Sleep and body temperature are directly influenced by the effect of the daily cycles of light and darkness on melatonin, a naturally occurring hormone found in the brain. Darkness causes melatonin levels to rise and body temperature to fall, which promotes sleep.

▪ Humans sleep on average around three hours less than other primates like chimps, rhesus monkeys, squirrel monkeys and baboons, all of whom sleep for 10 hours a day. 

▪ REM sleep occurs in bursts totaling about 2 hours a night, usually beginning about 90 minutes after falling asleep. 

▪ Teenagers need as much sleep as small children (about 10 hrs) while those over 65 need the least of all (about six hours). For the average adult aged 25-55, eight hours is considered optimal.


Thanks Liz for sending me this product to try! ;)