A simple charm necklace

I found myself with nothing to do yesterday afternoon so I rummaged through my stuff, hoping there's something interesting to tinker with. I saw some Avon necklaces, and had a semi-brilliant idea!

I thought it would be cool to combine them in one necklace. The one in the middle is from the latest Avon collection called Tokyo Allure (more about that next week) and, unlike other necklaces from the brand, doesn't have a detachable pendant. It would be perfect to have two different pendants on either side.

Voila! I really like this chunky charm necklace. I'm not that fond of tiny pendant necklaces since I prefer "statement" accessories. This one does very nicely, don't you think? I've come up with a meaning for each pendant, since the necklace wouldn't be much of a charm accessory otherwise! The one with the multi-colored cubic zirconia stones is a reminder to be ambitious and productive, the one with the red teardrop is for love and happiness, while the one that looks like a shield is for strength.

Anyway, rainy Saturday afternoon here at home. What are you up to? It's so dreary, compared to the bright sunny morning just a short while ago. I hope it doesn't pour later at night because I plan to jog a bit. /Mundane