Sneak peek of the Listerine Mouthacular show

Let's take a break from all the beauty talk, shall we? Here's a video I took of an awesome a capella performance of "Bohemian Rhapsody" by the Listerine Mouthacular players. This is just an exclusive peek of their rehearsals so they're only using ball pens as mics. Haha. Watch!


Amazing right? I was getting goosebumps the whole time they were performing. Their mall shows will officially launch today, August 27, at the Eastwood Mall Atrium. There will be two shows: one on 6:00 pm and 8:30 pm. So if you've got nothing to do tonight, grab your friends and watch this talented "mouthacular" team of musicians!

The poster containing the schedule of the shows and press release after the cut. 

Everyone knows how to talk, to sing, to shout and to create other sounds with the mouth. But not everyone can do it spectacularly. 

Listerine believes in pushing the limits of the mouth and discovering its marvelous potential. Why just talk, if you can be talktastic? Why sing, if you can be astonising? Why just do beatbox, if you can beatbox office? This is what being mouthacular is all about – everything you do with your mouth, don’t just do it the ordinary way. Do it spectacularly.

And to make sure that the mouth is all groomed up to be mouthacular, make sure it is taken cared of in a special way by using Listerine. It’s the only mouthwash that makes the mouth extraordinarily clean everyday.


“Be mouthacular!” activation campaign is a show that aims to spread the idea of spectacular mouths, as brought about by Listerine. Join five extraordinary people as they venture into a journey around the Metro to amaze everyone with the wonders of their powerful mouths.  

Meet Axis, the hero of musical theater and comedy with the ability to enthrall audiences and alter the surrounding atmosphere. There’s Theebo, renowned as the most bombastic beatboxing talent the country has ever seen. With his sugarcoated ballads, Trent has a charm that the ladies will helplessly fall for. Siren can belt out an enchanting hymn effortlessly and her voice is sure to transcend with you even in your dreams. Last but definitely not the least, Ohm has the sonic boom bass that will make your body move and groove to the beat. From singing, to beatboxing and other improv acts, the mouthacular show will surely take your breath away.

So celebrate the power of the mouth! Get extraordinary clean with Listerine, and be mouthacular! Catch this symphony of amazing mouth power at the following venues: Eastwood Mall Atrium (August 27), Alabang Town Centre Corte de las Palmas (August 28), Shangri-la Atrium (August 29), Eastwood Central Plaza (September 3), SM Megamall Atrium (September 4) and SM Mall of Asia Atrium (September 5). You can also visit for more details.