Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick in Bare It All

Lately I'm going for darker, smokier eyeshadows. It could be the rain, I don't know. That's how I noticed that I don't have a kickass nude lipstick! Striking eyes should always be matched with lighter lips to avoid overdoing the look. Easy enough to say, but I know that Pinays find it difficult to wear a nude lippie that doesn't wash us out. Sure we have fab smokey cat-lined eyes but our tacky nude lips can make it all look like a great Halloween idea!

Enter Wet n Wild's Megalast in Bare It All.

I am absolutely in love with the shade. It's a light brown-pink color that's just right for my light/medium skin. It's only P299 too!

What I love about it 

  • Creamy texture, semi-matte finish. 
  • Wet n Wild promises that this should last for four hours. It will, provided you don't eat. Drinking is okay. If you eat though most of it will go, just leaving a slight stain.
  • Pigmented and opaque.
  • Generous amount of product.

What I don't like about it 

  • Ridiculous packaging. You see that half an inch of lipstick peeking out from the tube? YOU CAN'T screw it down all the way. If you're not careful, you'll nick it when you remove the cap.
  • Cheap packaging. No heft, just plain black tubing and clear cap. If you pull (even with just a slight force) the top part of the tube, it will give way. Good thing it's easy to fix.
  • Drying. I use balm underneath this. I exfoliate too, because the formula tends to catch on the flaky parts of my lips. Ew.
  • A bit waxy. Doesn't seriously bother me though.


This is a good, cheap lipstick that has decent lasting powers. I've checked the other shades and they look very promising! Definitely worth a visit to the nearest Wet n Wild counter.


I can forgive the cheap packaging - it's a cheap lipstick after all. I like the formula, but it's really the shade that drew me in. I know I'll be wearing this often! Wore it for two straight days already!

So, have you visited Wet n Wild yet? Thoughts?