My Forever 21 haul

I didn't buy much. I initially wanted to buy something to wear for for Preview magazine's Best-Dressed Ball this Saturday, but I figured that everyone else had the same idea so I perished the thought.

I look neurotic. Slept late last night. Wearing no makeup here.

I lost all common sense for the first two hours of being in the store, just trying to drink in all the beautiful things. I was tempted to buy so many dresses! Good thing my practicality kicked in. I have tons of dresses from my very own online store so why bother getting from somewhere else unless I really needed to? So, I stuck to the basics and got lovely accessories to wear with my little black dresses.

I swear, this whole outfit will be my uniform for the next month or so!

I spotted these really cute heart-printed sneakers. I almost didn't get one, because this is the last pair in my size! They're super cheap at P499. The material appears to be canvas, while the inside is padded. I run a lot of errands so I need comfy shoes that I don't mind ruining (unlike my Sebagos. I'd die if the rain and mud breaks down the leather).

I thought jeggings were tacky, but this pair from F21 is actually pretty nice. The material is thick and unless you look closely you won't notice that they're not denim. It has a zipper, button, and belt holders. I need light, comfy pants that fit well so I'm happy about this find. Pwede na at P745. I got a plain red t-shirt for only P125 to go with the pants (and shoes, of course! I'm matchy matchy at heart.)

And now, to my favorite part! Accessories! Yay! I will go back to the store next week just to get another piece.

The gold and black statement necklace costs P499 while the rose fascinator is P559. Both so pretty eh? I wear a lot of black so these pieces will highlight the color more while adding a dollop of chic style.

I can't wait to go back! However, I'd wait, if I were you. As of this moment the F21 store is packed to the brim like it was yesterday. There would be long lines at the fitting rooms and counters so unless you're really patient, don't go today, or anytime this weekend. Downside though, the stuff you want to get (as seen in my photos and several other bloggers') will probably be gone. There were a lot of OOS items already last night as it is!