10-Step Beauty by Bobbi Brown

Many Filipinas are scared of makeup. They find it intimidating and too time-consuming to use, aside from the age-old conservative streak that they tend to have. Still, while there are those who are wary of the paint, there are even more who are curious to see how it could work for them.

The folks at Bobbi Brown invited me to visit their Rustan’s Makati counter to experience the brand’s famous 10-Step Beauty routine, which promises to be a simple and straightforward way to look beautiful in under 15 minutes. Of course, I did not pass up the chance and took a ton of photos to show everyone!

This little tutorial is not just for those who are starting in the wonderful world of makeup - it’s also for those makeup junkies who want an au naturel look that brings out the face instead of covering it with gunk and rendering it unrecognizable. This is a look that fits women of all ages, too, and is appropriate for any occasion.



Check out the step by step procedure here, with photos.