Sunsilk Damage Repair Pack

A couple of months ago I read about Sunsilk giving away free packs of their Damage Repair line. Naturally I got curious, and hey, "free" is good! So I texted 10DAYS to 2600 and got a confirmation that someone will call me to verify my details. No one called, so I thought that the whole thing was just a gimmick. I got spam messages afterward about the Sarah Geronimo commercials they're running now.

However, a few days ago, I found this on my doorstep:

Nice! This is a pretty huge box. They didn't send out sample sizes, so this will last me more than a month of daily usage. The promise is the product is quite lofty: to repair your hair in 10 days. I've been using it for three days and I have noticed that my hair is softer, so I guess, the shampoo and conditioner are doing their job. I'll find out in a week or so if it does work. 

I was a little disappointed though that they didn't include the hair serum. I'm crazy about hair serums! I use one everyday, the Bench Fix Anti-Frizz one. It's a cheap alternative to my favorite, the Citre Shine serum. I would have loved to be able to try Sunsilk's; perhaps, when I drop by the supermarket, I can get one for myself. It should be cheap too!

Anyway, if you want your own pack, the promo ends on April 17. No, this isn't a sponsored review or anything - I really did get this pack for free by texting, and not through their PR agency. Lol.