Sun safety with Clinique

I have a confession to make: it is only recently that I truly became "sun-conscious". Sunblocks and sunscreens were a non-issue for me; I just didn't think they can actually show any relevant change in my skin. Wrong! Since I started wearing sun protection religiously, I started noticing that my skin doesn't tan as fast anymore, plus my blemishes disappear faster than when I wasn't wearing any (spots deepen more as they are exposed to the sun).

Now, I would slather sunblock on my body and my face before I leave the house. This routine intensified when I was at the beach because the sun was literally burning skin everywhere! I came back to Manila with zero sunburn and very minimal tanning. To be fair though, I tried to stay away from the sun as much as possible, being on the beach and all. I still got exposed a lot nonetheless.

Anyway, if you're on the lookout for more options in the sun protection department, check out what Clinique has got for you:

I looove that the poster has prices! Seriously, all the brands should do this. First of all it keeps potential customers from wasting their time. If they're on the Internet, they probably are looking for information about the product first before buying them. Now that I know that Clinique's sun protection line is relatively (to other brands in its level) affordable in terms of the price, I can move on and check how the products actually perform on the counter.

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