Graduation Makeup Tutorial

It's graduation season! Sigh, just thinking about it reminded me of my own graduation last year. It was a solemn event shared with friends and family, who were all so proud of me, and me of them. I've done so many things since then, things I never even once considered while I was studying Political Science at UP Manila. Well! That's another story, haha.

I made a tutorial for all you young graduates out there. Graduation makeup, of course, should fit the occasion - formal, somber, respectable, but not necessarily boring! Hence, I used gold eyeshadow to bring out the eyes while the rest of the colors (different shades of brown) were used to contour the eyes to get a more photogenic effect.

Things to remember when doing graduation makeup:

1. There will be a lot of photo ops so make sure that your makeup stands out - that is, line your eyes, use a bit more color on the cheeks, and flattering lipstick. Your makeup shouldn't be easily washed out by flash. Use foundation that's photogenic on you. Don't use SPF so your face won't look to white in photos.

2. Graduations are long. You'll sweat, you'll fidget and touch your face. Use makeup that is built to last. Primers too! Here are some suggestions on what products to use. Bring blotting powders/sheets and tissues.

Me on my college graduation last year. I just put on cat eyes and uber red lips because I woke up late and had to do makeup in the car on the way to the venue! DO NOT DO THAT. Graduations are important!

Now that the makeup part is over, I have some unsolicited life advice for you: keep your head, never panic. Deal with problems as they come, not before they come, or you will be miserable. Always challenge yourself to do better - never be satisfied with your lot. Lastly, get rid of that false sense of entitlement. Always remember that you don't deserve anything unless you've earned it.

That said, congratulations! Welcome to the real world, kids.