Leisure 18 Slimming Coffee

WARNING (posted February 11 2011) I have stopped using this product a year ago, shortly after I wrote this post. I was not comfortable with the fact that I don't know what the ingredients are and that this is not officially approved by the BFAD. Please do not use this. Do not approach any of the sellers on this thread.

At the end of the day, the only healthy way to lose weight is to exercise and cut down on fatty and carb-laden food. There is no shortcut. If you have to trust this blog on anything, trust it on this point.

A lot of people have been commenting that I've lost weight. Last November, I was so fat that a double chin was creeping up on my face! That says a lot about my weight gain since my face is the last thing that ever gets fat in my body. It's usually my tummy and arms that go, then my thighs, lower leg, and finally my face.

So what's my weight loss secret? It's partly Leisure 18 Slimming Coffee! I've been drinking this stuff since the week before the Christmas last year. People wondered why, after the holidays, I was thinner instead of fatter. It's because I didn't eat much. Leisure 18 basically works as an appetite suppressant, meaning, I get too lazy to eat. Yes I get hungry but when I actually eat, it's like I'm satisfied earlier into the meal. 

It was a friend who introduced me to Leisure 18 Slimming Coffee. She said that she read good reviews online so she got two boxes together with her sister. She hated the effects on her though - she got cold chills and nausea. It was so unpleasant that she got rid of the box after one week of use. She gave the remaining coffee to me.

It sat on my cupboard for several days because really, I really didn't believe that it can make me lose weight. The last (and first) time I tried taking something to control my weight gain I felt I just gained more pounds. I felt so bloated and I couldn't poop for a few days. But, in the name of beauty, I got curious enough to try Leisure 18.

The results?

I didn't measure my weight in inches and pounds so I can't help you with that. What I do notice is the fact that my clothes aren't so tight on me now and my jeans size is now 26, from 28. My double chin is also gone, my face more angular. People started taking notice and would ask how I did it.

My arms are still quite fat and flabby though, but that's mostly because I don't exercise. Heh. I hate exercise.

I'm sure you're wondering - what are the side effects? Well, I didn't experience the massive poop activity that most slimming products cause. Slimming 18 is not a laxative, but an appetite suppressant. The first week I tried it, I was nauseous. I felt lethargic. I got sleepy a lot. I experienced mild dehydration so I kept drinking water (it contributes to the no-appetite thing). 

I stopped taking Leisure 18 after that first week. It did make me lose weight, but I hated the taste! It's like barf-flavored coffee tea! Ugh. So when I ran out, I didn't repurchase. Well, not until two weeks ago. It was a choice between a double chin and barf coffee tea. I chose barf coffee tea.

I bought online, from Veruca. It's only P270, including the shipping. My body has adjusted better to Leisure 18 so I don't experience the dizziness and dehydration anymore. Also, the taste has improved! It now tastes passably like coffee with creamer so it's more bearable to drink. What I do is I mix the whole pack in a small amount of hot water, let it cool, then gulp it down like a shot.

My boyfriend says that this stuff is poison. Honestly? I can't argue with him. I can't read the ingredients in the box. For all I know there really is poison in the coffee which makes it work! What I care about is the fact that this product keeps me thin. These days, I don't drink it everyday anymore because I try to control my appetite by myself, which is more helpful in the long run.

I won't claim that I lost weight ALL because of Leisure 18. As you may have read, I quit my full-time job where I was unhappily stressed. After I resigned, I felt a lot better about myself so my eating was more regulated. Maybe, because I am less stressed, my metabolism is working faster.

So, I'm ending this entry with a warning: try Leisure 18 at your own risk. I am not promising any results. I tried to warn you of its side effects on me but I can't say that yours will be easier or worse. I will not be held liable if something happened to you while drinking this coffee so please don't sue me.