Why I Love Kotex Luxe

One of the banes of female existence is menstruation. It's messy, it stinks, it makes us feel like a tub of lard, it makes us crabby and/or depressed. Anything - and I mean anything - that can help lessen the discomfort is like manna from heaven. It's like mother's milk. It's like a tearjerker romcom. It's like zero calorie candy. It's like...you get the drift. 

This is why the pads we use are important to our sanity and overall well-being as women. Me, I can't stand thick pads that feels like a wet moldy towel stuck between my legs. I never looked back after I first tried ultrathins at the tender age of 14. It's just like having soft cardboard paper covering my junk. It's certainly more comfortable than the normal pads!

A couple of months back my trusted brand (since forever!) had a new version of their pads. They had some thermal stuff going on that's supposed to make me feel cool. Well, it felt stuffier to me because the pad felt denser. I also got rashes, ugh. Before, I only got rashes from dry cover pads. Now I'm not even safe from their cotton cover ones!

Hot pink! Cheery.

So I had to find an alternative, and quick. Good thing Kotex sent me a ton of their new pads to try. I didn't care much for their claims - they can spell "fusion technology" on my ass. No. I want pads that don't feel like anything, protect my underwear from stains, and spare me from rashes. I don't care how they do it as long as I get results.

I did get results. These pads are awesome! I swear I never got any stains from this, even from behind. The pad absorbs the blood extremely well, plus it doesn't feel damp. TMI, okay? But I was bleeding like a faucet last month. Gross. The wings were "blood proof" because unlike other pads that lets the blood go through if it spills to that area, it just kind of absorbs it.

I also love the fact that this is cheap. I think they cost ~P30/pack of five in drugstores and supermarkets. It's around the same price I pay for my old brand so it's ok. 


Okaaay. Time to share! What pads do you use? How are they? Any good?

Liz Lanuzo6 Comments