Maybelline ColorSensational and Watershine Pure lipsticks

It's only Wednesday, but this week has already been marked with a flurry of meetings and frantic email exchanges. Let me take a short breather by telling you about my current go-to lip products: the Maybelline Watershine Pure and ColorSensational lipsticks!

I'm not a lip person so I rarely buy lip products. However, since I'm out a lot lately, I need two lipsticks that I can wear to all occasions - meetings, events, shopping, dates, whatever! Enter Maybelline's newest lipstick line, the ColorSensational Moisture Extreme Lip Color and an old line, Watershine Pure Natural Water Lip Color (Asia exclusive).

Watershine Pure in BM 23 (a lovely nude pink lipstick), P299 and ColorSensational in Plum Perfect (bright plum), P299

The Watershine Pure line has been around for quite some time now. It looks like lip gloss when worn, but more opaque, which I love. There's also no sticky feeling! I skip balm when I use this since it glides on and has a moisturizing effect. It's gone after a couple of hours though so reapplying is a must.

BM23 is perfect for day/neutral looks like the one above. It's also great for smoky eye looks at night.

The ColorSensational Lip Color is Maybelline's latest. It showcases bright colors that are in four color groups: naturals, reds, plums, and pinks. Not all colors are available here in the Philippines and the packaging is different from the US release. The Asian packaging is quite similar to the Moisture Extreme Color line, come to think of it!

Wearing Plum Perfect for a simple day look. Since the color is so rich, it can stand out on its own! I don't have to wear too much when I have this pretty plum lipstick on.

ColorSensational lipsticks are intensely pigmented and go on creamily. The wear is just average for a lipstick, around two hours. I skip lip balm when I use this, mostly out of laziness, but partly because it's not as drying as my other lipsticks.

The price is just right for the quality so I will definitely buy again! The shades in the ColorSensational line are just too luscious to resist. A word of caution, however: they're not for the faint of heart.

Have you tried Maybelline lipsticks? Wanna try them now? Let me know in the comments!